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What is there to do in and around Marseillan?

Every year, many holidaymakers from all over Europe come to the south of France to spend their holiday. Why? To enjoy the beaches and the crystal-clear water, to stroll in the sun, sunbathe or to enjoy the quintessential Mediterranean culture and countryside. One of its destinations: Marseillan, a seaside resort and former fishing village in the south of the Hérault department. Here, at one of the Les Méditerranées' 3 campsites you can spend a holiday in a real oasis of calm with charm filled with activities. But beyond the Beach Garden, Charlemagne and Nouvelle Floride campsites, what is there to do in Marseillan? Read on, and discover!

Maritime activities

Marseillan's origins, like those of neighbouring Agde, date back to ancient times. Today, it is part of the municipality of Sète. Let's have a look at what it has to offer!

A walk along the marina

A great way to take in the surroundings is to go for a stroll alongside the Marseillan marina. The marina can accommodate over 200 boats and offers views of both Thau lake and the Canal du Midi, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. You will find quaint shops and the opportunity to taste delicious fresh seafood in its restaurants. Walking along the port is a popular activity in Marseillan, a way to discover the hospitality of locals and enjoy the sunset during an evening stroll.

Boat trip

When staying in southern France, on the Mediterranean coast, going on a boat trip is a great way to discover its culture. Take a trip on the Star of Thau IV (, a boat owned by a family of fishermen and shellfish farmers (oyster and mussel farmers). Leaving Marseillan for a one-hour trip along the mouth of the Rhône canal of Sète and Marseillan beach. In the distance, you can see Mont Saint-Loup, overlooking the Cap d'Agde, and the towns of Bouzigues and Mèze. You will learn more about fishing, Marseillan's local fish (eels, sardines, sole and even seahorses!) and about the fishing profession: Marlène, a professional fisherwoman and your guide will be happy to share her knowledge. To complete the tour, you will come to the oyster beds: oyster farming is a particularly important economic activity for the Thau basin. The company also offers a 1 1/2-hour circuit, a white wine and oysters tasting and the chance to buy fresh fish, depending on its arrival, and fishing trips for children (including beginners). As you can see, there are plenty of opportunities to discover the maritime environment during your stay in Marseillan!

Something for everyone

Taste some local specialities in Marseillan

In Marseillan, taste the oysters of the Mediterranean: these have grown by a mixture of fresh and salt water and offer a wealth of vitamins and minerals. And for the grown-ups, white wine is an excellent choice to accompany this maritime dish!

Visit the Maison Noilly Prat

At the port of Marseillan, a stone's throw from Thau lake, you can visit the Maison Noilly Prat, since 1913, it has specialised in the production of vermouth: a flavoured wine. A visit will include the area where thousands of barrels of fruity and light white wines mature in the open air, before entering the "secret room". Here, using an age-old method, the wine is macerated with a mixture of aromatic spices: coriander from Morocco, cardamom from India, cinnamon from Sri Lanka, bitter oranges from Tunisia, cocoa beans from Venezuela, iris from Italy and rosebuds from Turkey... What a journey! And ofcourse at the end of the visit, you will have the opportunity to taste its famous vermouth. The Maison Noilly Prat is not only a place to visit, but also provides a chance to enjoy one of its delicious cocktails made by an expert at its bar.

Walk to the Pointe des Onglous

Just past Maison Noilly Prat, you can explore Pointe des Onglous, where the Canal du Midi ends and flows in the Thau Basin. Walk to the small white and red lighthouse at the end of a pier for a view of Mont Saint-Clair above Sète, Thau lake, the oyster beds and the port of Marseillan. 

Amusement park in Marseillan plage

Enjoy time out at the Marseillan plage amusement park.  A combination of an amusement park and a fairground for young and old. Take a ride on the ghost train, the roller coaster or go into the ice palace with the whole family. The little ones can enjoy the caterpillar tracks and trampolines. And like at a real fun fair, there are shooting galleries, duck fishing, slot machines and sweet stalls. An fun filled outing! 

Discover the surroundings of Marseillan

Located in the Occitanie region, the town of Marseillan enjoys an excellent location on the Mediterranean Sea. Marseillan is surrounded by a large number of lovely towns and villages where plenty of activities are organised, mostly from spring onwards. 

Visit Montpellier

About forty minutes by car from Marseillan is Montpellier, a city in the top 10 most beautiful and attractive cities in France. Montpellier offers something for everyone. Creative, animated and lively, a city brimming with activities. Here is a small selection of the most emblematic spots in Montpellier:

Art and culture in Montpellier

You can choose from a large number of museums while visiting Montpellier, which include the Fabre Museum, the museum of fine arts with one of France's greatest public collections. If you would like to learn a little more about Montpellier itself, you can visit the Museum de Vieux Montpellier, which is free of charge, here you will discover the city's history from its origins in the Middle Ages to the 20th century. And then there is also the Anatomy Museum, which forms of Montpellier's Medical University, one of the oldest in Europe. Here you will find wax moulds of all kinds of body parts and a collection of ancient surgical instruments. A real curiosity!

Discover the historic centre

To enjoy the architecture and numerous monuments, we recommend taking a stroll through Ecusson, the name of Montpellier's historic district. Here you will find Place Sainte-Anne, the Saint-Roch church, the Babote tower and the Sainte-Foy chapel. Walk down the 'Rue de l'ancien courrier' (the city's oldest street) and admire the Hôtel des trésoriers de la bourse, on its namesake street, here the kingdom's money was stored up until the French Revolution. Visit the Place royale du Peyrou, Saint-Pierre Cathedral and don't forget the emblematic Place de la Comédie.

Enjoy Montpellier's greenery

In Montpellier in 1593, France's first botanical garden was created under Henri IV. Here you will have the chance to enjoy beautiful green surroundings and see you for yourself if Montpellier is the capital of botany. The city is known for its charm and seaside location, but it is also the place where the world's first wine-growing region began, and where almost 33% of France's production comes from. Discover the Pic Saint Loup and visit one or more of its vineyards. Many will open its doors to their vineyards and wine cellars from here enjoy the views of Montpellier, the sea and the Camargue in the distance. 

A trip to Cap d'Agde

From Marseillan, a 10-minute drive takes you to Cap d'Agde. Known as the "black pearl of the Mediterranean" due to the use of basalt stone for its buildings, the city centre is closely linked to its geographical location, where a volcano was once located. Stroll along the shores and through the port. Take a guided tour to learn more about the city's history, architecture and rich past. And to reward your children after a visit filled with history and culture, there is Luna Park, an amusement park in the city centre or the beach. 

Pézenas, town of art and history 

From Marseillan and from your campsite at Les Mediterranées, you can reach Pézenas in 25 minutes. Pézenas, the town of Molière and Bobby Lapointe, with its prestigious past has left an exceptional architectural heritage, especially from the Renaissance period. Among things to visit is the Musée de Vulliod Saint-Germain, with Molière's famous armchair. Browse the antique and second-hand shops that can be found in its streets. Eat out in one of the restaurants and go to the Saturday local farmers' market, which is well worth a visit. 

Visiting a UNESCO World Heritage Site

If you are willing to drive a little further (between 1 and 2 hours), a visit to Carcassone or the Pont du Gard not far from Nîmes you won’t be disappointed, both feature on the UNESCO World Heritage list. Carcassone an entirely walled city with a castle at its centre and Pont du Gard an ancient Roman aqueduct standing at a height of 160 feet (48,8 m). 

Book your stay in Marseillan

As you have gathered, a camping holiday in Marseillan offers endless possibilities. Enjoy the mild Mediterranean sun, its beaches, culture and history, all from one of the 3 Les Mediterranées campsites. So don't wait any longer and book your stay in Marseillan!