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Seaside camping in South France!

Beach Garden

Beach Garden, Camping Charlemagne and Camping Nouvelle Floride, 3 of the best luxury campsites in South France, invite you to discover their indoor pools and water park. It's a fantastic opportunity to swim and enjoy water activities all along the season. Many others await you at your campsites with indoor swimming pools.

No one is left aside!

Whether you're a grown up, senior, teenager or toddler, you'll find something to your own taste at camping Les Méditerranées.
Looking for specific activities for your littlest ones ? Paddling pool and mini water slide await them at your luxury campsite in South France. Be careful though : they won't ever want to live the place!
Older children - and their parents - will just love the water park's many slides. Always a great time and great thrills!

The coziest vacation for all

Vacations are not the same for eveyrone at every age, most particularly when you're staying at a 5 star campsite in the South of France as there is just so much to do. The littlest ones for instance will find the perfect place at the campsite's mini club. Meanwhile, you can enjoy the many amenities and services: spa (at camping Beach Garden), jacuzzi, bubble baths, massage walking path...

Have fun!

Relaxing an doing nothing is just great but it's not to everyone's taste. You can also spend an active break at your luxury camping in South France!
Have a go at the pool games, always very popular thanks to our organizer's energy.
Discover la danse du soleil  - the sun dance - a campsite's staple that takes place everyday at noon and which is a great opportunity to blow out some steam to the rythm of the music... inside the pool!
Bottom line : whatever the weather, good or bad,  there's never a dull moment at your campsite with indoor swimming pools.

Get acquainted with our wellness offer

Les Méditerranées, your seaside camping in the South of France, invite you to make the most of your time there. How about some water aerobics for instance? Come try it at your water park's pool during one of the sessions held by our organizers.
Maybe you'd rather try a more relaxing activity, part pilates, part yoga? The fitness program will enable you to regenerate on the outside as well as on the inside.
Finally, going luxury camping in South France gives you an opportunity to have a go at water bike at the indoor pool. Sessions are held by a certified coach - a fantastic way to get some tonus back in a fun and relaxed atmosphere!

Campsites with indoor swimming pools

Don't forget : no matter which site you choose (Beach Garden, Charlemagne or Nouvelle Floride), you can enjoy and benefit from the amenities and water activities in all 3 sites, all along your vacation there. Just one of the countless perks of staying at a 5 star campsite in the South of France!