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A new aquatic area at les Mediterranees !

Les Méditerranées Nouvelle Floride

Immediate boarding for a new aquatic adventure!


Nouvel Floride invites you to discover its brand new enlarged aquatic area. Over 1000 m2, in a completely redesigned style and atmosphere. Of natural inspiration and unique architectural design, a set imagined in harmony with the environment. Like a natural landscape, an oasis of green with palm trees, tropical and Mediterranean plants and, in its center, an opening surrounded by rocks, like a clearing, revealing the pools. All with a touch of originality brought to the layout of the terraces and pool decks in order to arouse wonder. A pleasant living space, green and lush, in warm tones, for a real invitation to travel. Designed as a real little oasis, for the happiness of the whole family. Faithful to the meeting, the toboggan and the pentagliss will be there to satisfy the youngest: fun and laught guaranteed. But maybe you will be tempted too ? After all, the slides are open to everyone! On the paddling pool, your little ones will find their happiness on a dynamic play area. In this basin created exclusively for them, water movements, spills, misting, watering will be on the program. A new slide, aqua domes, spray guns, multi-colored steerable waterfall games, a set of interactive games to stimulate their imagination and creativity. And why not also to gather and forge links?


Next season, you will also discover a brand new space reserved for adults: in the heat of the Mediterranean sun or in the shade of a palm tree, lie down on a deckchair, surrounded by greenery, away ... Lovers of zenitude This space is made for you ! Here a brand new pool with anatomical benches to relax, finely dispersed air bubbles rising to the surface of the water in a whirlpool. Sparkling like champage but also calming and relaxing like a day at sea. The invigorating pleasure of hydromassage for a feeling of weightlessness, intended to relieve your tensions. In short, a real harmony of body and mind!


But you are not at the end of your surprises. Not far away, out of sight, you will find a jacuzzi and a magnificent waterfall. A curtain of water, like a uniform veil, giving a particular architectural touch to this aquatic space. Let yourself be lulled by the gentle lapping of water ... or opt for a massage of the chest, neck or shoulders to forget the worries of everyday life.


A stone's throw from your deckchair, and this is also a novelty, if you feel like it you will enjoy a refreshing drink and a small snack so that the pleasure lasts a little longer ... a new restaurant area equipped with terraces with natural wooden pergolas. For snack lovers on the menu: various drinks, mixed salads…


In reality, in the summer of 2020, children and adults, from morning to evening, you can vary the pleasures around the new swimming pool at the Nouvelle Floride campsite.


Welcome to new recreational experiences!