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Every year, millions of tourists from all over Europe set off for the South of France and meet on the Mediterranean shores. And with good reason! The coastline from the Pyrénées-Orientales to the Alpes-Maritimes offers everything you could wish for in terms of culture, nature, climate, temperature and activities for a holiday with your partner, friends or family. But what is the best period to visit the Mediterranean? What is the best season to enjoy the weather, in terms of price and all that the region has to offer? Here are a few suggestions!

A holiday on the Mediterranean coast

When planning your holiday on the Mediterranean coast in the south of France, the question of climate and weather is of course important.

If we wanted to sum it up briefly, we could say the following: all the way from Perpignan to Nice, the average temperature is mild all year round, the average rainfall is low, the hours of sunshine high from January until December. So a stay on the Mare Nostrum coast as the Romans called the Mediterranean is great any month of the year. But of course, things are a little more subtle than that...


Winter is the perfect season to stay in the Mediterranean if you have trouble with warm or even hot temperatures. On the Côte d'Azur, in the Pyrenees-Orientales or in the Hérault, temperatures will rarely fall below 5°, but in January and February they won't exceed 14° either.

Another advantage, there is a lot less traffic, making it much easier to get around. Of course, even in an area like the Mediterranean, with the sun still shining brightly in winter, a holiday during this period is not without its drawbacks: you will find a number of restaurants, cultural sights, hotels and campsites closed... Nevertheless, there are must-see festivals at this time of year, such as the Nice carnival, the lemon festival in Menton or the mimosa festival in Mandelieu-la-Napoule all in February.


In spring, the sun shines brightly, the thermometer starts to rise and the days get longer: it seems like the perfect season!

The months of March, April and May are particularly suitable for hikers and cyclists: you will sweat less than in the summer months and you can fully the nature coming back to life. However, it can rain a fair bit, and as for swimming, the temperature of the Mediterranean is still relatively low, suitable only for the bravest!

Spring is the time to visit the many vineyards of the Hérault or the Pyrénées-Orientales. Discover the art of winemaking and sample some of its treasured wines. Or visit the main cities along the Mediterranean: Nice, Marseille, Montpellier or Cannes, before the sun gets too hot. In spring, Cannes hosts the famous international film festival. In April there is the Printemps des Mômes in Nice and still in the Alpes-Maritimes prefecture, the May Festival in ... May.

In short, you will have gathered: for holidays on the Mediterranean coast in the South of France, spring is a real favourite with us! After a winter break, spring is the season when Les Méditerranées reopens its doors (in April to be precise) and its 3 fabulous campsites welcome you with open arms.

The months of March, April and May are particularly suitable for hikers and cyclists: you will sweat less and can enjoy nature coming back to life. However it may rainmore, and as far as swimming is concerned, the Mediterranean is only suitable for the bravest, with temperatures still relatively low.


Summer by the Mediterranean Sea brings to mind images of a bright blue sky, warm sun, beautiful bays and beaches, clear blue water to swim in, seaside resorts to dine out in the evening and seafronts to stroll along with an ice cream in hand ... Clichés perhaps, but they are true: discover it for yourself by spending a holiday in June, July and August in the Mediterranean.

But of course, there are some drawbacks of visiting during the summer: the temperature is often above 30°, it is sometimes difficult to find a place for your towel on the beach and you can spend a lot of time in your car because of the amount of traffic ...

In relation to this last point, a holiday at the Charlemagne, the Nouvelle-Floride or the Beach Garden, the 3 campsites of Les Méditerranées, offers you an alternative. No getting into the car, you can walk to the beach from the campsites! At Les Méditerranées, the beach is directly accessible via a secured gate. No more traffic jams, hello sun, sea and sand!


Along with spring, is this our favourite season. The sun is less bright, the temperature pleasant, it's less hot than in the summer and there is still little rain (although it does increase a little in October and November). The weather is therefore the biggest advantage of an autumn holiday on the Mediterranean.

Another advantage is the lower visitor numbers: children are back at school, so most of the tourists have gone home again. Time to quietly explore the area on foot or by bike. Wine lovers will have ample time in autumn to wander through the vineyards, with their beautiful golden colours, before tasting the different products, the winegrowers passionately present.

Take time to visit the various islands off the coast such as Porquerolles, Levant and Riou. Much quieter in autumn they can be reached from Toulon and Marseille.

Les Méditerranées, three campsites by the Mediterranean Sea

It probably goes without saying but the three campsites of Les Méditerranées' are situated by the Mediterranean. You can't get much closer; they have direct access to the sea. This means you can walk to a beautiful fine sandy beach from the campsite in complete safety. And that throughout the season, regardless of the weather outside. Through a gate secured by a digicode, you have access whenever you want: sunbathe on the beach, swim in the sea with your children, stroll along the beach, or play beach volleyball with friends, the choice is yours!

When to go to the Mediterranean?

Our favourite months to camp in the Mediterranean are not unlike our favourite months to visit the entire Mediterranean coastline in the South of France: In spring and autumn, you can enjoy mild temperatures and sunny days. If you are not afraid of the cool sea water, it is possible to swim in spring. But in September, the sea is at its best for a relaxing and rivorating swim as the water has had a chance to warm up during the previous three summer months.

If you want explore the countryside and nature during a holiday at the Charlemagne, Nouvelle-Floride and Beach Garden campsites, the spring months are ideal, when plants and trees are blossoming. It is also a time to visit nearby towns: Agde and its cultural heritage, the lively streets of Sète or, a little further afield, Montpellier, for fans of shopping.

Les Méditerranées in summer

Chances are that you will go on holiday with your family during the summer months. Staying on the Mediterranean coast and more specifically on one of the 3 campsites of Les Méditerranées and you will most likely not have any regrets. Of course the temperatures are higher than in the rest of the year, but that is the nature of the south of France. However as you have already read above, you have direct access to a beautiful fine sandy beach and the opportunity to go for a refreshing swim in the sea.

In addition, the 5-star campsites by the sea are set in natural surroundings with landscaped paths and plenty of vegetation. All this provides shady spots that offer coolness and are particularly enjoyable during the summer.

To swim and cool off, you can also count on 3 beautiful water parks: swimming pools, slides, playful paddling pools, jets, the water parks have something for everyone. In summer, at the Charlemagne, Nouvelle Floride and Beach Garden campsites, you and your children can enjoy an array of activities, during the day and in the evening. A programme that is more extensive in summer than the other months of the year. It will please the very youngest children, teenagers and parents alike. Les Méditerranées, by the sea, in Marseillan, is the destination for a Mediterranean holiday!