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Camping with your family at Les Méditerranées

Priceless moments together, plenty of laughter and memories to last a lifetime: this awaits you when you choose a family holiday at one of the three luxurious campsites of the Les Méditerranées group in Marseillan.

You can enjoy three exceptional 5-star campsites, each of which has been awarded the ‘Famille Plus’ (Family Plus) label. Whichever campsite you choose to stay at- Camping Charlemagne, Nouvelle Floride or Beach Garden - you will always have free access to the other 2 campsites.

The 'Famille Plus' label

This label represents excellence in hosting families in tourism establishments.

To qualify for the 'Famille Plus' (Family Plus) label, a campsite must meet a list of criteria, ranging from the facilities of its accommodation to the range of activities on offer. For example, a campsite with the 'Famille Plus' label must offer child-friendly facilities, such as safe play areas, special activities and qualified staff. The services offered must be accessible to all family members, from babies to parents, to ensure a holiday suitable for everyone.

Campsites with the 'Famille Plus' label offer a warm and personal welcome, focusing on fun and togetherness. Special areas for young people, such as kids' and teen clubs, play and sports areas, ensure that the whole family has fun with activities tailored to each age group.

Practical amenities such as adapted sanitary facilities, child care and useful information on family activities in the area make the campsite even more attractive. The campsite managers of a 'Famille Plus' campsite strive to create a friendly atmosphere to encourage exchanges between families and create unforgettable memories.

In short, the 'Famille Plus' label symbolises a strong commitment to family-friendly facilities and accommodation to offer holidaymakers an enriching tailor-made experience.

Les Méditerranées has the Famille Plus label

Each of Les Méditerranées' 3 campsites has received this prestigious label. Camping Charlemagne, Camping Nouvelle Floride and Camping Beach Garden made the following commitments and have put them into practice:

- To offer a quality welcome tailored to the expectations of families and children.

- To provide suitable facilities for families.

- To provide personalised extras.

- To provide a play area and/or allow the borrowing of indoor games for children.

- To offer special rates for families.

- To provide families with a list of activities and events tailored to them.

Let's take a look at what make the Les Méditerranées campsites the ideal destination for family holidays with children.

Unforgettable family holidays

Imagine yourself in the warm sunshine by the Mediterranean in Marseillan, with the laughter of children in the background, playing in and near the water and the friendly atmosphere of the various campsites. More than just a place to stay, Les Méditerranées is the perfect family destination, designed to offer a unique experience for your little ones and teenagers alike, every member of the family is catered for. Discover a family paradise with modern customised facilities. It starts with your accommodation, such as comfortable mobile homes or bungalows with spacious bedrooms so everyone has their own privacy and enough space for a good night's sleep. Or if you come with your own tent or camper, sanitary facilities for all ages.

At the campsites, you can enjoy sensational water parks, take a dip in the pools or relax in the indoor heated swimming area, ideal if you are staying in the low season or if you want to protect your baby from the sun: each campsite has its own waterpark and whichever campsite you are staying at, you can enjoy the swimming facilities of all 3.

Will you be coming with your toddler? Take advantage of our premium equipment for a carefree family holiday. In low season, baby equipment is free of charge. The various kids' clubs from 5 years onwards organise fun activities, so the little ones can have fun while making friends with the other little campers. Teenagers, who can sometimes be more difficult to please, are not forgotten either, with a club and special activities for them too: water Olympics, drag buoys, shows, escape games, photo rallies, football and table tennis tournaments - there is something for everyone.

And after so many activities, comes time for rest, isn't it? At Les Méditerranées, you can enjoy a variety of dining options, from Mediterranean-style restaurants serving fresh produce, especially seafood, to snack bars, always popular with younger guests, on site or to take away. Not to mention a catering area for pizza in particular, whose success is well known.

Fine sandy beaches and a relaxed atmosphere

Les Méditerranées is aptly named: the 3 campsites immerse you in a decidedly Mediterranean setting, with fine sandy beaches and crystal-clear waters. Did you know that at the Nouvelle Floride or Beach Garden campsites you have direct access to the sea? This passage is secured by a gate with a code to ensure that the little ones do not have access without you. If you are staying at the Charlemagne campsite, all you have to do is go via one of the other 2 Les Méditerranées campsites to go to the beach. Once there, the beach offers a family-friendly atmosphere. Relax in the sun with a magazine or a book, build sandcastles with your children, enjoy the water or play a game of beach volleyball.

Why choose Les Méditerranées for a family holiday?

Deciding where to go on holiday with your family can be tricky, but with Les Méditerranées the choice is easy. Our care and dedication are evident in our exceptional service: wonderful restaurants for all tastes, activities, entertainment and rave reviews from our guests are proof of our commitment.

Whether you are looking for a quiet stay with the family or a more dynamic holiday, our 3 campsites offer the perfect combination to meet all your expectations.

Marseillan: a family paradise

Beyond the gates of our campsites, Marseillan is an idyllic destination for families. From the golden beaches to the picturesque village streets, every corner of this area is full of fun activities.

Explore, discover and enjoy

Take a family boat trip on the Etang de Thau, discover the wealth of marine life and treat yourself to a tasting of local produce at the traditional market. Visit Fort Brescou and Tabarka Park and experience exciting adventures for all.

There are also exciting activities around the water, from bike rides along the Canal du Midi to lively evenings on the quayside. Marseillan is a real playground for families looking for adventure.

Discover Marseillan with the family

Immerse yourself in a world of discovery in Marseillan, a destination where every alleyway tells a story. Visit the market, for example, and get carried away by the scents of Provençal herbs and local cheeses. Discover the local wines by visiting its wine cellars. Marseillan a sensory experience that showcases the region's rich history and culinary traditions.

When you stay at Les Méditerranées campsite, you will also be close to the historic town of Pézenas, known for its exceptional architectural heritage and artisan shops. Let your children explore the medieval town and discover its rich heritage. They will love visiting the toy museum or the Berlingot sweets’ factory.

Activities for all ages

What would a family holiday be without activities that everyone can enjoy? From amusement parks to boat trips, the possibilities are endless. Explore the underwater world at the Aquarium Marin du Cap d'Agde or enrol the kids in a sailing school, where they can learn to sail on the Etang de Thau.

Nature lovers should not miss the walks around the majestic Mont Saint-Loup, with breathtaking panoramic views. Nearby, you can have fun at the tree-climbing park. You can go cycling along the Canal du Midi along its shady paths and if you prefer to spend time on the water, you can even go canoeing, kayaking or paddleboarding.

Book your family adventure today!

In short, the 3 Les Méditerranées campsites in Marseillan are much more than just a camping destination: they offer access to a world of togetherness, adventure and discovery. Don't miss the chance to experience the most memorable moments. Book your stay now and start looking forward to exceptional family holidays at Les Méditerranées!