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5 tips for a successful holiday on a campsite

Every year, a large number of people choose to go camping for their holidays. It has to be said that this type of holiday has become increasingly popular over the years, not least because it brings us closer to nature and to other people. Of course, there are still those who prefer to camp in the wild or under the stars, but the vast majority opt for a "real" campsite. What's more, luxury 4 or 5-star campsites are attracting new enthusiasts by the year, drawn by the camping spirit of sharing, togetherness and closeness to nature, without sacrificing their need for comfort. Campsites such as Beach Garden, Le Nouvelle Floride and Charlemagne, the 3 campsites of Les Mediterranées in Marseillan represent just that.

These 5-star campsites offer a multitude of services and cater for all your needs, but you will still need to prepare, especially if you're not a seasoned camper! To help you plan your stay, here are our 5 tips for a successful camping holiday.

1. Choose your campsite with care

Before booking your campsite, it's important to know which criteria are important to you, to avoid disappointment. So, at this stage, you need to answer a few questions, like: What is your budget? Which type of campsite would you like to stay at? Which facilities and services will you want? Bearing in mind that the number of stars a campsite has, will determine the services it offers, whether in terms of the accommodation itself, the environment, the facilities and activities on offer, and so on. The more stars a campsite has, the more services it provides for its guests. You have the opportunity to look at the ratings and comments left on the Internet by previous guests. At Les Méditerranées, there are no surprises: all 3 campsites have 5 stars, and offer the highest quality services, facilities and activities. Its guests say so themselves!

2. Book your accommodation on time

Booking your camping holiday on time is undoubtedly a good thing. Do you already know your destination? Perfect. Do you already know which campsite and during which period you want to stay? Even better! Then you are all set to book. Booking early often comes with a nice discount. At Les Méditerranées, whether you want to stay at the Beach Garden, Charlemagne or Nouvelle Floride, you get up to 15% off if you book before 31 January.

3. Pack the essentials for a camping holiday

You may have chosen to stay in a comfortable rental accommodation such as a mobile home or beach cottage, like those at the three 5-star campsites of Les Méditerranées. Or you have decided to book a camping pitch for you tent, because of your budget or because you enjoy "real" camping. In both cases you need to think about the comforts you will have to do without. Those you are used to at home.

To make your stay as successful as possible, it's a good idea to pack the essentials, whether you're renting or staying on a pitch.

For 'pure and simple' camping, you'll need, for example (this is not an exhaustive list, of course, and doesn't include your personal belongings):

- a tent
- bedding
- inflatable mattresses
- table and chairs
- cooking equipment
- tools such as a hammer, mallet, knife, etc.
- washing up bowl and products.
- washing line

If you've opted for a mobile home or bungalow, you'll have much less need to plan ahead and take with you, as almost everything is provided, especially at luxury campsites such as those of Les Méditerranées.

Of course, this excludes personal equipment such as a phone charger, camera, fun activities such as games, books and sport equipment etc. Even though you can often buy them at the campsite in case you forget!

4. Prepare your programme of activities

After having followed our first 3 tips, it's time to make the most of your stay! Every week, Les Méditerranées offers a new programme of daytime and evening events: sports, games and creative activities during the day, there's something for everyone. Magic shows, concerts, and comedy plays: you won't be able to get bored in the evening either. Of course, children have their own programme, which takes place in the kids and teens club in the company of qualified staff. Don't forget to spend time in the swimming pool area or on the beach, as Les Méditerranées offers direct, safe access to the sea and the discover the local area.

5. Respect the environment and the community

In a coastal and unspoilt environment like Les Méditerranées, it's important to respect the local ecosystem. Follow the recycling policies of the 3 campsites as they likely differ from where you live and adopt an eco-responsible attitude to minimise your impact on the environment. Every gesture counts!

Please respect the rules that govern community life on a campsite (often commmon sense). Even if you have your own individual accommodation, we live in an open space, with nature but also with others. No loud music, no wild, late-night parties, no alcoholic aperitifs that get out of hand. Camping is about living in a community, and living in a community means respecting others. By following these few basic rules and remaining open to others, you'll be sure to meet some great people during your stay.

This advice, adapted to the specific environment of the 3 Les Méditerranées campsites in Marseillan, is your guarantee of an unforgettable 5-star camping experience. It will combine comfort, luxury and nature's beauty of the Mediterranean. Make the most of this exceptional holiday and create lasting memories... that can be renewed every year!