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5-star campsites with pitches for camper vans, tents and caravans

Do you dream of freedom, space, greenery and unforgettable adventures with family or friends? And this without compromising on comfort and activities? This type of holiday, which many of us long for, is more accessible and easier to organise than you think...

Close your eyes and imagine yourself already sitting, in your car, van or motorhome, ready to discover a new destination and this while staying at a 5-star campsite by the sea. You are not dreaming: 5-star "Van life", with maximum freedom and comfort at the same time, is possible! At one of the 3 Les Méditerranées campsites in Marseillan, of course, where the magic of van life is combined with luxury and conviviality.

The magic of van life: freedom and well-being within reach

Van life is a concept that has attracted a lot of attention in recent years. If you are not already familiar with it, you should know that it is much more than just a way of travelling: it is a way of life, a philosophy even, where every kilometre travelled brings an equal number of adventures and discoveries. An opportunity to enrich and discover yourself, get to know your (potential) road trip partner better and to return to your everyday life refreshed, rich in experiences and sometimes even transformed...

By choosing to go on holiday in a campervan, you are choosing the freedom to leave whenever you want, stop off where you like and live at the pace of your choosing. Imagine watching the sun set from your own special spot, falling asleep and waking up by the sea, with the sound of the waves in the background. This feeling of freedom and connection with nature contributes enormously to your well-being and personal development. Every day becomes a new adventure, a new opportunity to discover breathtaking landscapes and hidden treasures.

Of course, campervan enthusiasts are most often also avid roadtrippers. A day here, a night there, the journey is their holiday destination. Complete freedom of movement also means you can extend your stay whenever and wherever you want ... if the place you find yourself is worth it. This is of course the case at the Charlemagne, Nouvelle-Floride and Beach Garden campsites!

Les Méditerranées in Marseillan: a 5-star campsite as a dream destination

If you are looking for the ideal place to park your campervan in an exceptional setting, the 3 campsites of Les Méditerranées in Marseillan are for you. Of course, you can also pitch your tent here.

Nestled on the Mediterranean coast, near the Etang de Thau and the lively city of Sète, these 5-star campsites offer spacious, green and well-defined pitches where you can maintain your privacy while enjoying the company of other holidaymakers. Imagine setting up your barbecue in front of your tent, van or motorhome, sharing delicious meals with family or friends and enjoying the natural environment preserved thanks to the care taken by the campsites' staff (clean paths, trimmed hedges, bushes and flowers).

At the Charlemagne, Nouvelle-Floride and Beach Garden campsites, you can also enjoy the best facilities, like heated swimming pools, water parks for children, multi-sports grounds for those who love exercise and relaxation and wellness areas for moments of rest and complete relaxation. In addition, the animations and activities offered throughout the season will appeal to young and old alike and ensure an unforgettable holiday for the whole family. Whether you stay in your van, motorhome or tent, on a camping pitch for a 'traditional' camping experience, or rent a fully equipped mobile home, you will have access to the same services and facilities!

And on top of it all, the Nouvelle-Floride and Beach Garden campsites offer direct access (via a code-protected gate) to a beautiful sandy Mediterranean beach. Prefer to stay at campsite Charlemagne? No problem: you can simply access the beach via one of the other 2 campsites, because whichever of the three of Les Méditerranées you stay at, you can use the services and facilities of the other 2 at will.

Discover Marseillan: an authentic and captivating destination

Marseillan is much more than just a stopover on your road trip in your van or motorhome. It's a town steeped in history and tradition, nestling in unspoilt countryside between sea and vineyards.

Make the most of your stay by visiting its picturesque port, sampling local produce at the typical markets or trying your hand at water sports from the fine sandy beaches.

And don't forget the surrounding areas such as the Etang de Thau, famous for its oysters and breathtaking views, the authentic Languedoc villages full of medieval charm and historical sites such as Valmagne Abbey, where time seems to stand still. Feel like shopping? Then visit the boutiques in Sète or Agde. You are bound to find something you like. The possibilities are endless: enjoy the hospitality of this region, where nature and culture blend harmoniously!

Ready for an unforgettable experience in your camper van?

How about an extended stay for a unique adventure at one of Les Méditerranées 5-star campsites in Marseillan. Reconnect with the essential, share unforgettable moments with your family or your partner and explore a region rich in treasures. Book your trip now and get carried away by the charm that you'll only find in the South of France, between sea and land, an exceptional setting for those who love freedom and comfort.